Christina Dias
I grew up in the suburbs of Southern California as a Portuguese-American. Where tradition and perseverance was not only valued but a way of life. I did not come from a long line of visual artists, but I inherited passion and creativity from some prominent poets in my family which influenced me greatly as a child.
My childhood consisted of a life of fantasy with an imagination too large to house it. I wanted more. I longed for magic to manifest each and every dream on a whim. My “wand” consisted of a brush, and although I had no fairy dust, I used any surface at my disposal in attempt to bring my dreams to fruition. To make my fantasies into reality I had to blur the lines between the two, disposing of any confinement of rules and inhibitions. By letting go, I was able to find a world where there was no distinction of the ugly and pretty, a world of pure beauty.
As I grew so did my arsenal of surfaces in which I could expand my vision. I became a Make-up Artist, using skin as a canvas. With my brush still in hand, I was able to transform women and men into the most exquisite creatures. However this was fleeting, this alchemy only lasted a few hours and I desired something permanent. I wanted an entity I could revisit time and time again. Being a traditional artist wasn’t enough; I entered a digital realm where I had every texture and tool at my disposal that I could combine with my existing mediums. I fell in love with layers and lines, the graphic and detailed, and most of all a well-designed chaos.
I further developed my artistic prowess at CSULB where I achieved a BFA in Illustration with an emphasis on Graphic Design. Through my work, I aspire to share a world where anything has its own beautiful essence. Where each opposing element performs together in a sensuous dance between the sinister and benevolent. Set on a stage where the nothing is taboo. To arouse the audience with their own fantasies, touch their imagination and to have the pleasure of translating it visually if desired.
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